Benefits of EVV Compliance—and How Keeper Can Help

EVV compliance is a major issue for home care companies, and it’s becoming increasingly important for agencies to enforce among employees. Since Keeper requires EVV compliance to provide earned wage access to employees, we’re the perfect partner to help boost your compliance rates.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of EVV compliance, along with a quick overview of how Keeper can support you. 

  • Meet government requirements

 As home care agencies know all too well, the main reason for EVV compliance is keeping up with government mandates. The federal mandate for EVV compliance is part of the 21st Century Cures Act, and while each state has its own deadline for compliance, now is the time to have a system in place and work towards 100% adoption.

If your agency was audited for EVV compliance, would you be able to prove you’re your employees meet your state’s required EVV threshold? The government will be looking at who didn’t clock in using EVV and why, and they’re already requiring higher compliance rates in many states. The easiest path forward is to invest in your compliance now to avoid potential roadblocks later.

  • Eliminate the potential for lost or damaged documents 

By nature of being digital, EVV eliminates the potential for employees to lose or damage their timesheets. This is a major perk for data validity and secure records. Lost documents present a real hassle and time waster for home care agencies, so removing this point of failure is a win.

  • Remove the ability for employees to misrepresent hours 

Similarly, EVV also removes the potential for employees to misrepresent their hours by manually changing records or fluffing their work time in the absence of digital proof. EVV eliminates this part of the equation, only counting time that’s verified by the system. Many employers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing hours are accurate and up-to-date at a moment’s notice.

  • Integrate with other digital systems 

Using EVV also ensures that your timekeeping records can easily link with other digital systems, like your payroll, HR, or accounting software. Keeper integrates seamlessly with platforms like HHAeXchange, MedFlyt, and AppointMate. Physical timesheets would have to be manually entered to be integrated in this way, but EVV opens up the possibilities to connect to other tools as you please.

  • Address discrepancies in real-time 

Finally, EVV allows you to address any alerts or discrepancies right away during pre-billing. If an employee clocks in when they’re not scheduled, or they’re outside the patient’s GPS radius, or they clock in for a much longer shift than anticipated, you can step in to find a solution right away.

Noticing these issues when processing physical timesheets often means that employees have forgotten about the situation and it’s much harder to reach a resolution, so EVV is the way to go.

How Keeper Can Help 

With Keeper, employees don’t just have to put your interests above their own when it comes to EVV. While all of the benefits above are employer-facing EVV perks, Keeper is an employee-facing EVV perk. After all, there’s a reason that Keeper partners report a 21% increase in EVV compliance among employees.

So, if you’re struggling with EVV compliance and want to start reaping the rewards above, Keeper is your secret weapon to boost EVV use. Get started today!