Received FMAP Funding? Here’s Why EWA Is the Perfect Use of Funds

If you’re a recipient of FMAP funding, congratulations! FMAP funds present an incredible opportunity to make an impact in your organization through a variety of qualified expenses. And we have incredible news: Keeper is one of those qualified expenses!

What is FMAP Funding, and How Does It Work? 

FMAP funds are distributed to licensed home care services agencies from the US Department of Health. The funds can be spent on a variety of initiatives, which must be documented and shared with the Department of Health to verify authorized use of funds.

One of the categories for authorized FMAP spending is Workforce Recruitment and Retention Initiatives, and earned wage access (or EWA) is one qualifying option.

If you’re not familiar with EWA, the concept is simple. Employers with FMAP funding partner with Keeper to give employees the opportunity to enroll in this unique benefit. When employees complete a shift, they’re able to access funds for the work that’s already been completed—no need to wait until payday.

For employees, this is a major benefit, which is why it counts as a recruitment and retention initiative. The reality is that it’s not always possible—or preferable—to wait until payday to complete expenses. Whether employees face unexpected charges between paychecks or just don’t want to wait to access their pay, EWA bridges the gap.

Organizations that use Keeper report 25% boosts to employee retention, plus a host of other benefits like improved EVV compliance (21% higher than normal) and increased ease of covering last-minute shifts. The reality is that employees who feel valued—and don’t have to worry about serious financial stress on the job—are more likely to comply with employer requests and go above and beyond for patient care.

Using FMAP Funds to Offer Keeper EWA to Employees

If you’re interested in learning more about this FMAP option, here’s how it works. We’ll charge your organization a flat fee each month, so you’ll have a clear, regular expense to report for your FMAP spending. You’ll always know exactly what you’re going to spend—no surprises here.

Then, access to our service is 100% free for employees, no matter how often they use it! You get to share the great news that employees can access earned wages anytime—as often as they want—with no fees. Effectively, this means your employees can detach from the concept of “payday” altogether, choosing to access their funds as needed.

The best part? On your side, the payroll concept remains intact, and we’re a “set it and forget it” partner. We don’t even have to integrate with your payroll system to operate, and there won’t be any additional complexity on your end, no matter how often the EWA system is used.

Last but not least, we’re built just for the home care industry, so we’re familiar with all your standard scenarios, challenges, and nuances. It’s always beneficial to have a partner who truly gets what you do and how your business operates, and we’re proud to serve as that partner for you.

Learn More and Implement EWA 

If you’re ready to commit to EWA as one of your FMAP initiatives, we’d love to chat further and provide a quote for your organization. Contact us here to get started!