What Should You Look for in an EWA Provider

EWA providers are not all created equal, and as you’re vetting your options, you might be wondering what to look for—and how Keeper stands out. Let’s take a closer look at six features and benefits that your ideal EWA partner will offer.

  • Ease of integration

First, you’ll want to understand the integration process with your EWA partner. When you decide to offer the EWA benefit to your employees, the last thing you want is a three-month onboarding process that requires a heavy investment of time and effort on your part.

At Keeper, we don’t integrate with your payroll at all, and our onboarding is as simple and streamlined as possible. We’ll handle all the legwork, and you’ll be up and running as quickly as possible—70% of our partners are fully onboarded within two weeks.

  • Responsiveness

Next, consider the responsiveness you’re looking for in your EWA partner. The key is to look for a provider that will be responsive to both you as the partner and to your employees as the end-user.

When wages are on the line, your employees will want reliable customer service support should they encounter any problems or have any questions. If the company is unreachable, that’s a recipe for disaster on your end. At the same time, if you encounter any questions about promoting the program to your employees or need additional support, you’ll want a reliable avenue to pursue as well.

Keeper offers a dedicated, single point of contact for your company to turn to for recruiting support, marketing literature, reporting, and EWA home care strategies. We have the quickest response rate in the industry, and we’re committed to your satisfaction around the clock. Plus, our dedicated customer service line will handle all employee concerns—so you don’t have to.

  • Industry expertise

As with any third-party partner, it’s especially helpful to work with teams that understand your industry and care about your business. Keeper is the EWA provider for the home care industry, so we only work with clients like you. We’re also the only provider in the industry that was built just for home care clients, so we’re the only partner that’s 100% committed to your industry.

We know the problems your employees might run into, the terminology your time tracking software will display, and the many wage nuances that may arise. We’re intimately familiar with the potential alerts from platforms like HHAeXchange, MedFlyt, and AppointMate, among others.

Other EWA providers may not be familiar with these platforms and their associated terminology, like “missing POC compliance” or “GPS signal out of range,” but we know how to handle these (and many other) home care shift complications.

Most importantly, we care about the work you and your employees are doing in the industry and the critical role you play in patient health and wellness.

  • Marketing support 

Next, make sure to understand how your EWA partner may (or may not) support or take over your marketing efforts for this program. If your EWA provider passes along the time-consuming work of explaining the EWA concept to employees and helping them understand the benefits, you’ll be stuck with more work than you signed up for.

Instead, Keeper provides all of our partner agencies with flyers, posters, and/or self-standing banners for you to share the program with employees. We’ll also offer pre-designed social media content and can send targeted email messaging or in-app notifications to caregivers.

As a special benefit, we can even use these emails and notifications to promote better work habits. We can help encourage employees to use EVV, pick up last-minute shifts, or switch to direct deposit. Leave this messaging to us and watch as you get the results you’ve been waiting for.

  • Business impact 

Last but not least, don’t forget to look for results. With EWA, you’re not just providing a benefit to employees—you’re investing in a perk that will improve outcomes for your business, too.

Here are a few stats that illustrate Keeper’s ability to deliver results:

  • With Keeper, 2.1x more candidates click on job postings.
  • Keeper partners increase employee retention by 25%.
  • Keeper partners are so satisfied that partner retention is a whopping 100%.
  • Keeper partners rate the integration simplicity at 4.9 out of 5 stars.
  • Keeper implementation leads to a 21% average increase in EVV compliance.

Make sure the company you choose can point to stats that demonstrate the business impact of their offering. If they come up short, they’re not the right fit.

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, Keeper really stands out as an EWA provider—especially for the home care industry. Learn more about partnering with us here for a deeper understanding of the results we can provide for your business. Talk soon!