Why You Need an EWA Provider Who Understands Home Care

EWA, which stands for “earned wage access,” is becoming the latest and greatest benefit that employees look for in employers. A 2019 Visa report found that 95% of employees are interested in working for an employer who provides EWA, and 89% would be willing to work a longer period of time for an employer who offers EWA.

If you’re beginning to look into EWA providers for your home care agency, it’s critical to choose a partner who understands the nuances and unique challenges that may arise in home care. Thankfully, Keeper only works with home care agencies, so we’re the EWA provider that’s 100% tailored to your needs.

Why does it really matter? We’re so glad you asked. EWA providers are able to provide advance funds to employees using EVV shift records. Due to the nature of home care work, there are countless error messages and discrepancies that may arise during a regular shift.

Here are just a few examples we see day-to-day:

  • GPS signal out of range
  • Call from inactive patient
  • OT/TT not approved
  • Missing POC compliance
  • …and many more

To the average EWA provider, these error messages will prevent shift funds from being released. What does that mean in practice? Employees will be told that they can’t access their funds because they didn’t actually work their shift (according to the record).

Rather than sending employees a notification that says, “You didn’t complete this shift, so you can’t access wages,” Keeper’s notifications will tell your employees that their shift information is pending while we look into the alert. This alone will save you from having to field countless employee concerns about why their worked shift isn’t recorded.

In reality, an error message like “GPS signal out of range” might just mean that the employee was a few steps too far from the patient’s house when they clocked in. And since the Keeper team knows that information, we can take a closer look to determine whether the shift was legitimate. It’s just one example of a small detail that can turn into a big problem for anyone unfamiliar with home care.

More importantly, we can work with home care agencies upfront to prepare a standard course of action for these situations. If you always pay for travel time or approve overtime, we can set our system to recognize that pay. If your system often has inaccurate GPS signals that indicate they are just outside the patient service range, but in reality, the caregiver is right where they should be, we’ll note that too.

In general, we’ll adopt your policies and processes and keep your employees informed if any shift validation is pending due to one of these common issues. This saves you the time and effort of having to explain the complexities of home care wages to your EWA partner each time a new alert or scenario arises.

So, as you look for an EWA partner, consider working with the one that knows your industry inside and out. Our competitors will be stumped by these situations, but we’ll always stay one step ahead.

It’s just one of the ways we invest in making our process as seamless as possible for you and your team. Learn more and get started with Keeper today!