How EWA Withdrawals Work Here at Keeper

Earned wage access, or EWA, sounds great on paper. But how does it actually work here at Keeper? We’re so glad you asked! Keep reading for a full explanation of how our EWA process works for our home care partners. (And for more helpful information like this, explore the rest of our Resources page!)

Step 1: Keeper Partners with Your Home Care Agency

Keeper partners with home care agencies to provide EWA as a benefit to all employees. If we don’t already work with your organization, now is the perfect time to ask.

Make sure your employer knows you’d like EWA to be offered as a workplace perk. Copy the script below to get the conversation started:

“Hi [First Name],

I wanted to let you know about an employee benefit that I’d love to see offered here at [Agency]. Keeper offers earned wage access, which would be very beneficial for my finances and day-to-day stress levels. On your end, it’s easy to set up and has been proven to boost employee retention, employee satisfaction, and EVV use.

Here are a few of the company’s key stats:

  • Implementing Keeper increases employee retention by 25%.
  • Implementing Keeper leads to a 21% average increase in EVV compliance.
  • 88% of employees are happier with their employer than they were before Keeper was implemented.

Can you please reach out to Keeper at to see how EWA might benefit our agency? You can also find their website here.

Thank you!”

Or, send them our way and we’ll take it from there!

Step 2: Download the Keeper App

 Once we’re aligned with your home care agency, you’ll download the Keeper app via the App Store or Google Play Store. The app is where you’ll view your earned wage balance, request withdrawals, and keep track of exactly when we’ll reclaim the funds. When in doubt, check the Keeper app to find the information you need.

Step 3: Track All Hours Using EVV 

As a quick reminder, EWA isn’t a loan or a random cash advance—it’s just early access to the money you’ve already earned. With that in mind, for Keeper to work effectively, employees need to use EVV to clock in and out. Since EVV is instantaneous (and more accurate than paper timekeeping), the Keeper app will know right away when you’ve completed a shift. Those wages then show up as your “earned wage” balance within the app.

Step 4: Visit the App to Request a Withdrawal

To request a withdrawal, visit the app and check your current earned wage balance. As you can imagine, you can’t request a withdrawal for more funds than you’ve already earned.

Note that new users will also begin with a $100 withdrawal limit per day, but over time, your withdrawal limit will automatically increase based on usage and responsible financial behavior.

Step 5: Maintain an Adequate Balance to Pay It Back on Payday

 On one of your next two paydays, Keeper will take back the funds you withdrew early. There are two main avenues for this process to take place, and your agency will choose one way or the other.

  • In one scenario, Keeper will be linked with your back account, and we’ll take back the funds after your paycheck hits your account. In this case, please be mindful of this date (which you can view directly in the Keeper app) and keep an adequate balance after your paycheck hits.
  • In the second scenario, Keeper will partner with your home care agency to integrate with the payroll process directly. In this case, your EWA repayment would take place automatically before your paycheck ever hits your account, and you’d receive the rest of your paycheck balance as usual.

Currently, our agreement with your employer will determine which scenario applies to your account. However, we’re always looking to improve the experience! Let us know below if you have a preference between the bank account or payroll avenues.

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Step 6: Repeat as Needed!

After payday, the process will repeat at your discretion! The next time you need early access to your earned wages, come back to the Keeper app and follow the same steps again. We’re here to support you anytime!