How to Request EWA Benefits From Your Home Care Agency

If you know anything about EWA, chances are you’re convinced it’s a game-changing benefit for employees. And in even better news, it’s also a game-changing benefit for employers, who enjoy higher employee satisfaction and retention levels at work.

The data is clear: it’s in your employer’s best interest to offer EWA benefits. So, how do you start the conversation? Use the tips below to make your case and get Keeper implemented within your organization.

Talk to Your Coordinator

 One of the most important elements of any pitch is choosing your audience, and in this case, your best chances at success will be speaking with your coordinator. They’ll be able to look into Keeper on your behalf or guide the request to the right specialist within your organization.

To get the conversation started, feel free to copy and paste the message below and send it over to your coordinator.

“Hi [First Name],

I wanted to let you know about an employee benefit that I’d love to see offered here at [Agency]. Keeper offers earned wage access, which would be very beneficial for my finances and day-to-day stress levels. On your end, it’s easy to set up and has been proven to boost employee retention, employee satisfaction, and EVV use.

Here are a few of the company’s key stats:

  • Implementing Keeper increases employee retention by 25%.
  • Implementing Keeper leads to a 21% average increase in EVV compliance.
  • 88% of employees are happier with their employer than they were before Keeper was implemented.

Can you please reach out to Keeper at to see how EWA might benefit our agency? You can also find their website here.

Thank you!”

Focus on the Employer Benefits

Next, let’s talk about the pitch itself. The key is to focus your conversation on the benefits that matter to your employer. While you may be excited about the ability to cover bills between paychecks or control your own payday, those aren’t the selling points for your employer.

Instead, focus on benefits like improved employee retention, faster hiring timelines, increased EVV compliance, and increased employee happiness scores. Here are a few additional stats in case you need more information.

  • With Keeper, 2.1x more candidates click on open job postings.
  • Partners who offer Keeper fill open positions twice as fast.
  • Partners who offer Keeper see a 28% reduction in paper checks.
  • Employees using Keeper are 55% are more likely to work an extra shift.

Send Us Your Info! 

If all else fails (or if you just want to call in backup), send us your employer’s contact info and we’ll get in touch directly. We’re the only EWA provider that only works in the home care industry, so we know the landscape inside and out. We’ll be happy to chat with your employer about what Keeper is, how we operate, and why they should care.

Contact us here to let us know!