Why It’s in Your Employer’s Best Interest to Offer EWA

In a perfect world, all employers would want what’s best for their employees. They’d want to provide the tools, resources, and perks that make employees feel supported and appreciated, just for the sake of boosting employee happiness. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Unfortunately, most employers don’t quite operate that way. While some amazing employers do truly care about providing an exceptional employee experience, others need to know what’s in it for them before they bend over backward to provide perks and support tools.

EWA is one perk that works on all sides of the equation. On the employee side, it’s clear that having instant access to earned wages is a win. The concept of payday makes life more convenient for employers and their HR teams, but EWA puts some of the control back into your employees’ hands.

And whether you use EWA to cover emergency bills, unexpected expenses, or just to pad your wallet before payday, having the option to withdraw funds anytime is a relief.

But what’s the experience like for employers? We’re so glad you asked. EWA is in a rare category of perks that’s truly beneficial for both employers and employees. Here are just a few of the benefits that employers experience:

Increase in Employee Retention

First, the big one. Keeper data found that employers offering EWA experienced a 25% increase in employee retention. Additionally, 88% of employees are happier with their employer after Keeper was implemented than before. These are major wins for employers, who benefit from less employee turnover, more staff consistency for patients, and happier employees all around.

Faster Hire Rate

 When hiring needs do arise, EWA also helps attract quality candidates. Keeper data found that offering EWA led to positions filled twice as fast, with 2.1x more clicks on job postings that mention the perk. It’s expensive to maintain long hiring cycles, so speeding up the process is a time saver and a money saver.

Boost to EVV Compliance

Employers across the country are required to prioritize their EVV compliance rates over the coming months and years, and EWA is one tool that encourages employees to clock in digitally. Keeper only works when you use EVV to track time, so it’s in your employer’s best interest to provide this incentive.

Improved Ability to Staff Last-Minute Cases

Last but not least, because employees know they have the option to get paid right away after working a shift, it’s easier for employers to staff last-minute cases. Employees are happier overall (as we saw above), and they have the instant gratification of same-day pay. This is especially important in the home care industry, where patients need reliable care on a time-sensitive basis.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, while EWA has major benefits for you as the employee, it’s also an important tool for your employer. If you work in the home care industry, check to see if your employer already partners with Keeper. If they do, download our app below to get started!

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If not, let us know and we’d be happy to send some resources their way. You and your employer deserve to reap the rewards!