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Keeper is the innovative platform offering early wage access to employees without gimmick or charged interest

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Keeper was founded by healthcare industry veterans dealing with rising employee turnover and frustration. The premise was simple: provide staff with access to the money they’ve earned as soon as the workday is over. No longer would struggling workers have to wait for payroll processing to receive the money they need for everyday life.

Offering Advantages,
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The Keeper mission is to avoid predatory behavior by working with employers to make this service available at minimal charge - often covered by employers themselves or programs like Wage Parity benefits.

Keeper Keeps Everyone On The Same Happy Team

Why Keeper?

It’s What Employees Want

Get a leg up on the competition and retain talent by offering your employees the benefit of instant wage access.


Every day after employees clock out, a fixed amount becomes available for immediate withdrawal through the intuitive Keeper mobile app.


The one-time transaction fees can be paid by various parties or benefit accounts. We provide tailored solutions for each industry and business.


The platform is designed to work with every business and their payroll requirements. It can be left unintegrated to payroll and requires less from clients.

How it Works


Keeper services are offered as a benefit to your staff.

As soon as their workday ends, they are able to withdraw up to a predetermined amount from that day’s wages.


Employees utilize the intuitive Keeper app to access their wages.

A minimal fee is charged - to be covered by either employee, Wage Parity benefit funds or other arrangement of your choosing.


When payroll is filed, Keeper automatically receives the amounts previously fronted to them, either via their accounts or through integration to business payroll.

Meet The Team At Keeper

My mom always told me I would be a teacher, but engineering and creating just got the better of me. Sorry, Mom!
Technical Support Specialist
Hey there! I’m Edward, and I like to do things quick and thorough. And my dogs name is Mikey!
Customer Support
Two things I love about my day: Helping people access their income anytime they want, and chocolate.
HR Manager
Hi all! I’m a mom, wife and the HR manager at Keeper. After those three, my next favorite thing is tennis :)
Develop, develop, develop! Oh, and green apples.