Keeper In A Nutshell

Work. Clock Out. Get Paid.

Keeper is an employer-backed service that enables you to withdraw your pay without waiting for payroll to be processed.

It's Not A Loan It's Pay Without Delay

Keeper works with your employer to secure this optional benefit for your advantage

No Interest.

No Gimmicks.

No Hidden Fees.

Pay Begins Today

How it works

  • Utilize EVV to clock your hours every day
  • After your shift, your day’s wages become available
  • Withdraw and use to cover life’s expenses

It’s your money.
Withdraw it when
you need it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Keeper provides caregivers with instant, early access to their earned income. This means that you choose when you want to get paid, instead of waiting for the arbitrary payday set by your employer.

It takes about five minutes to register. After that, each withdrawal only takes about 30 seconds!

Once you request your withdrawal, the funds will hit your account within about 10 seconds. The process is virtually instant.

No. A loan is money that you never earned. Instead, Keeper provides on-demand access to your payment for days you've already worked.

Keeper provides the money with approval from your agency.

Depending on how your agency elects to be set up with Keeper, we'll either integrate with their payroll or your bank account.

No, your paystub will not change because your earned wages have not changed.

If your agency integrates Keeper with payroll, it will be deducted from your paycheck. If your agency requires Keeper to integrate with your bank account, you'll link your account within the app and we'll reclaim funds there.

Keeper charges a service fee per transaction. It'll always be the same amount, and we'll never charge interest. The specific amount for your service charge will depend on our setup with your agency.

With Keeper, each person begins with a limit of $100 (assuming they've worked enough to cover that amount). Over time, your withdrawal limit will increase.

Keeper will take back the money on the corresponding payday for the shift that covers your earned wages. Each time you withdraw, you can check the app to see its repayment date.

The Keeper app is encrypted to comply with all US security guidelines, including adherence to PCI standards.

Keeper currently requires both a bank account and debit card to process payments.

No. You can stop using Keeper at any time, and you're never required to use the service to withdraw funds. It's entirely up to you.

In order to provide you with this helpful service, we need to charge a fee. This ensures that we can continue to provide you with this earned wage access and the amazing costumer service we're known for.

Please contact the Keeper customer support team. You can reach us via phone at 1-866-990-4080, via the app's support function, or via email at Our support team is always available Monday through Thursday, from 9am to 6pm ET, and Friday, 9am to 1pm.

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